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Phylm, pronounced "film," is a portmanteau combining physics and film. It's also a $100 prize* for making a cool physics video. Here's how you can participate:

Make a video. Enter it. AND/OR
Vote on the videos you want to win.

Here is a one-page handout with the Official Rules, but basically the entry with the most votes wins. To learn more, check out the Google Moderator series under "Submit & Vote" above. You can see past winners by clicking "more +" under the video to the right.

We start accepting entires on January 1, 2012, and all entries are due by, and voting stops on, May 13, 2012.

Keep in mind, for the award to be issued, there must be at least 20 distinct submitters by YouTube account.

One of Last Year's Winners (clikc "more +" below to see more)